Victoria Rios Miss USofA Diva 2016
Victoria Rios
Miss USofA Diva 2016

Hello, friends and family! It’s October, and the competitive season has really has really kicked off with a bang for the USofA MI’s and the USofA MI Classics. September 18th, I was honored with the privilege to judge the Mister Oklahoma USofA MI and the Mister Oklahoma USofA MI Classic pageants. What a night of pageantry! Every contestant did a super job, and put serious work into their packages. You all should be so proud of yourselves. Keep working as hard as you are, and learn from each opportunity you are given. Congratulations to Tami Snelson and David Dees on promoting such an awesome pageant, and I thank you for allowing me to judge and entertain. That venue was packed, and the patrons were incredible. Congrats to Valentino on his first prelim of the season also being an incredible step down, and congrats to D’angelo of an amazing reign, as well. Congratulations also goes to your newly crowned Mister Oklahoma USofA MI, Miles Long and your newly crowned Mister Oklahoma USofA MI Classic, King Mykal Khristian. Val and Abs, I’m so proud of you two. Excellent work on demonstrating your administrative abilities on your first preliminary of the season.

For any of you who may not know this, but fall is the most magical time of the year for me. Not only did my birthday fall on the first day of fall, but the first day of fall also lent itself to the Miss Gay USofA At Large national pageant that was held in Columbus, Ohio. Oh. My. goodness. These national pageants are slaying me! The work. The dedication. Wow! Jeremy Burnette, thank you so much for inviting Val and I to come and perform a duet on final night of your pageant. It was such an honor to represent our USofA Divas at your event. Congratulations to Ka’aliyah McKim Diamond on a spectacular reign. You have no idea what it means to me that we got to simultaneously reign, even if just for a bit. I love you, sister! Congratulations to Sasha Lauren on capturing the title of Miss Gay USofA At Large, and welcome to the USofA court. Such an amazing year lies ahead, and I’m so excited for you! Wonderful job to every contestant who took that stage. It’s an exciting adventure to get from deciding you want to participate in a preliminary pageant, to qualifying, to get to the top 12. It’s the biggest span of personal growth and learning I’ve ever experienced, and I’m so happy for all you who got to experience that. To all non -qualifying contestants that competed this is a process. a journey. Take what you’ve learned, and use it as the fuel to your lamp. Light that creative fire, put in the work, and next time, you’ll land it like a 747. I’m so proud of all of you.

After the pageant concluded, Val, Abs, and I took a little excursion to Dayton to spend some time with our promoter, Devin Dame. Though it was a fantastic weekend, we sure did miss our Gage Gatlyn, who was off fulfilling his entertainment duties in Florida. So much love to these two. Devin took us to Club Masque, where our nationals will be held in March, for a nice tour. Wow, just wow! From the stage, to the dressing accommodations, the parking, to the amenities, this venue is stellar. Buck up, contestants. We are going to have a ridiculous national pageant at Club Masque. The staff was so kind to show us around and how everything worked. Thank you for being so courteous to take the time for us. I know we still have prelims, but I’m ultra excited for nationals!

Speaking of prelims. I’m beside myself with excitement for my first prelim of the season, the Miss Arkansas USofA Diva pageant that will be held later this month on October 22nd, at Discovery Night Club, where we get to honor Anastasia Rouge on her great year. The theme is just like our DivasOut of This World! There are still plenty of slots available, if you are interested in competing. Please feel free to contact Marco del Gatto (promoter), Anastasia, or myself for more information. I might add that this will be the only Arkansas pageant to utilize the 10’x12′ LCD video graphics screen. As this screen is very similar to the video graphics at nationals, this would be a great opportunity for you to test run your graphics as a contestant. If you are interested in this accommodation, for more details, be sure to contact Drew Samuelson no later than October 15th. I might also add that Team Arkansas will also have programs that will span all 6 of the Arkansas prelims. If you would like to place an ad, let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to assist in getting your reasonably priced ad in the program. And, there is also still reserved seating available.

For those of you who haven’t ordered your copy of Brandi Amara Skyy’s FAUX QUEENS fauxing the real: biological women, the art of drag, get in your orders! I just got my copy, and it came with 2 free pdfs containing very helpful information. I’ve only just begun reading, and I’m already so enthralled. As bio queens, we have come a long way in a brief period of time. I’m proud to announce that

USofA has have us included in the family for the last 3 1/2 years, and I cannot wait to see the continuation of growth for us girls. Keep those messages, texts, and calls coming, ladies. It rocks my world every day to have so many questions and updates from you all. And don’t forget if you do not qualify at Arkansas USofA Diva, November 4th will be the Miss Southern States USofA Diva preliminary with another chance for you to earn your ticket. The theme for this contest will be Gotham. We have several prelim dates already in line, and as more are announced, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Thank you all so much for reading this edition of Victoria’s Vignette. Stay tuned for more preliminary opportunities we have coming for you! #vivaladiva

With much love,

Victoria Rios