Victoria Rios Miss USofA Diva 2016
Victoria Rios
Miss USofA Diva 2016

“It’s a new day, it’s a new a new dawn, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feelin’ good ” Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone avoided the naughty list and had an enjoyable holiday break. I must have just evaded the list, because my holiday was indeed bountiful. Bountiful in time well spent. Playing cards with friends, catching up on movies my crew and I have missed, spending time with my husband and his mom, traveling to see my mother, hanging with the kids, and adoring friends. This really means the most to me. December was also very giving in the preliminary department. Here’s the scoop on what you may have missed.

December 2nd, our crew traveled to Louisiana and were graciously welcomed for the Miss Louisiana USofA Diva pageant. There, we celebrated the reign of Rayvn Noir Downe and crowned our new Miss Louisiana USofA Diva, Koko Valentine, and her 1st alternate, Black Widow. Congratula- tions to you two on your qualifications! Thank you to Daren Ables, Hunta Downe, and Corner bar for being so generous and kind to us. I really had a blast. Shortly after, we ventured on an excursion to Springfield for the Miss Missouri USofA Diva pageant held by Tawny and Missy Choate.

Excellent work, you guys on such a memorable night and your incredible hospitality. Congrats to Trixie Meow on a beautiful reign. Congratulations to Phoenix St James Monet on capturing the crown, her 1st alternate, Karma Marie, and Scarlette Paige on her 2nd alternate placement. All 3 qualify! Thank you, ClubTouche for taking care of us. Next, our journey led us to Nashville, Tennessee, where we honored the reign of Monroe Fitzgerald, and crowned our new Miss Tennessee USofA Diva, Jameson St James. I would also like to congratulate Trixie Meow on her 1st alternate placement, and Jazmine Sage on her 2nd alternate qualification. Great job, ladies! I’m so proud of you, and can’t wait to see what team Tennessee brings to the table in March. A special thanks, also goes out to Jessica Patterson and Play Night Club for everything you do for us. After spending some time with the Tennessee family, we continued to the last leg of our 2016 Diva preliminary adventure to Evansville, Indiana for the Miss Indiana USofA Diva pre show and pageant. It was so awesome to be welcomed in like family and we sure had a blast. Thank you to Jody Bockman and Tiffani Farley on an extravagant pageant, and being amazing hosts. The two of you and your exceptional administrative work definitely deserve to be recognized. Wonderful production and step down brought to you by Cherry Poppins, where we celebrated her reign. Congratulations to Tareal Davenport Phillips for attaining the title of Miss Indiana USofA Diva, Candie Cox on her 1st alternate placement, and Ivanna Gently on her 2nd alternate qualification. All 3 qualify! I’m so proud of you, team Funky Chicken! Thank you to Club Scandals for allowing us to hold our event and make everyone feel so at home. I can’t wait to come back and maybe play again!

With 4 more prelims down, we have more opportunities available to qualify. January 14th will be the Miss Iowa USofA Diva contest to be held in Des Moines, where we celebrate the reign of our current, Miss Iowa USofA Diva, the fierce, the cunning, Maddie Moiselle in a Not Another Fairytale. January 23rd will bring Goth Glam to Miss California USofA Diva. Get out your dark and luxurious attire for the date. And we’re still not finished. More details to come regarding that. Until then, let’s see who will be the next to earn their tickets to nationals in Dayton, Ohio!

Speaking of Ohio, it’s bittersweet to consider that with it being January, I’ve come to recognize in preparing for nationals, the days of my reign are numbered. There are so many friends I’ve made. So many places I’ve traveled. So much incoming and outgoing love. I’ve learned, taught, assisted, supported, encouraged, given, and unconditionally loved more this year than I have in my 33 years of existence. The work is hard, but being Miss USofA Diva has been the most fulfilling labor of love, and I can never be able to put into words the experiences I’ve been afforded. The education I have gained and the inspiration is immense. Immeasurable, actually. Mr Jerry Bird, I cannot thank you enough for giving women a home in the USofA family of pageantry. For years, we’ve worked hard, and we continue to do so for the sake of our art. We recognize that as born females impersonating females, we have to work harder. We have to up our end of the entertainment spectrum. We have to be smart and work together to make our system grow. Devin Dame and Gage Gatlyn, without your unending faith, we wouldn’t have the chance, and I’m grateful. You opening your arms to us and continuing to give us an arena to compete means more to us than you will ever know. As of now, we have 21 qualified contestants, with more prelims on the way. To every contestant that has competed and has yet to qualify, every time you attempt, you gain. The only time you actually lose, is when you give up. I’m beside myself with pride for the morale of the contestant base we’ve had this season. To speak with each contender and learn who they are, not just as artists, but humans is a joy to me. In 2 months and 7 days, we will come to the season finale of “Adventures with Miss USofA Diva: Season 3 (the Victoria edition), and I will have the honor of crowning our next Miss USofA Diva. I feel like time has literally been swept from underneath my feet. Time really flies when you’re having fun. You better believe I’ll be savoring every millisecond until the very end. Thank you all for your faith in our division. As the blessings continue to “reign” down, I shall move forward and dance for the gratitude in my heart.

#danceinthereign #vivaladiva.

With much love, Victoria Rios

Miss USofA Diva

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