Victoria Rios
Victoria Rios

How can you tell Santa is in the room? You can sense his presents, LOL! He might not be here yet, but it definitely won’t be long! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with their friends and family. Mine was excellent in the company of loved ones with great stories, jokes, and plenty of tasty treats.

Though the break has been lovely, we are in full swing with the preliminary season. So far, we’ve had four very impressive prelims, and I look forward to forward to many more successes to come. Here’s the November recap for all of you to enjoy.

On the 4th, I had the pleasure of crowning Vicious Divine Valentine, our 1st Miss Southern States USofA Diva. Congratulations to you, Rayvn Noir Downe, and Vivica Slick on your placements! I’m proud to announce that all three will be representing the Southern States regional during nationals in Dayton, Ohio. Excellent job to Marco and Drew on a great prelim! It was also special because we had a visit from our national promoters, Gage Gatlyn and Devin Dame.

Thank you for making the long drive to come and support us it really meant a lot. I love you two! The following day, I ventured to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where I was given the honor of judging the Miss and Mr. Another Rumor pageant. This is a contest that participants compete in for their own monthly show. I had the opportunity to meet so many new and young drag artists. Congrats to Maci Lyn Meridian on capturing the Miss title and Beau Davis on attaining the Mr. title. The following weekend, I attended the Miss Texas USofA Diva pageant at Sue Ellen’s in Dallas. Congratulations to Ruby Scott on her win and Lana Del Gay on her 1st alternate placement. Welcome to the qualified list! Dirty Blonde, it was great working with you. Great work to you! Later on that weekend, I got to witness Tareal Davenport Phillips step down and crown the next Miss Oklahoma USofA Diva, Maci Lyn Meridian. Congrats to you on your two wins, with the 2nd one being on your 1 year drag birthday! Congratulations also goes to Luna Raven Tripp Davenport Phillips on her 1st alternate qualification. Stellar work, David and Tami on an exceptional prelim, and I might add, the largest prelim so far with 6 stunning contestants!

I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. To every contestant, that has competed and not quali- fied yet, I’m so proud of your perseverance and persistence to your packages. I’m also happy to report that every non-qualifying contestant has already selected their next preliminary endeavor. This has definitely been a competitive season of love, encouragement, and boundless enthusiasm for everyone. Next, “Be Our Guest” for Miss Louisiana USofA Diva pageant to be held December 2nd, where we’ll honor the step down of Rayvn Noir Downe. Then comes Miss Missouri USofA Diva, in our majestic purples, honoring Trixie Meow on December 10th. December 15th will be a cartoon invasion at Miss Tennessee USofA Diva, honoring Monroe Fitzgerald. Then we’ll reach into the Twisted Toy box for the final preliminary of 2016. Miss Indiana USofA Diva will be held December 17th, honoring the reign of Cherry Poppins. Just because we’ve almost concluded 2016, the prelim fun isn’t over! Next month, we have Miss Iowa USofA Diva January 14th and Miss California USofA Diva on January 23rd! Please stay tuned for more details.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Victoria’s Vignette. I have immensely enjoyed this year more than I could have ever imagined.

The blessings have been bountiful the travel, meeting new faces, the reunions, and most importantly, the love shared within our community. If you have any questions about becoming a competitor or a promoter for the Miss USofA Diva division, feel free to contact our national promoters, Devin Dame or Gage Gatlyn, or myself. We still have bio queens in some regions of our beautiful country waiting for a prelim near them, and we would love to invite you to the USofA family of pageantry. Dear future contestants, you still have plenty of time to qualify! Warmest wishes to all of you this joyous holiday season. And don’t forget, stay sweet Santa is watching!

With much love,

Victoria Rios

Miss USofA Diva

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