Aurora Sexton Miss Gay USofA 2016
Aurora Sexton
Miss Gay USofA 2016

Summer is officially over and now it’s time for one of my favorite seasons Autumn! Boots and scarves, boys in sweatpants, pumpkin spice hysteria and haunted houses everywhere! My favorite childhood memories were often around Halloween, that one magic night where anything can happen.

I want to start by saying, a huge, congratulations to the new Miss Gay USofA at Large Sasha Lauren! I know how much you wanted this and I’m so excited to work together on the road. Welcome to the family! Congrats also to Ka’aliah on a wonderful reign!

September kicked off in my old stomping grounds of Chicago with Mr. & Miss Continental weekend. I always look forward to this weekend when I get to see so many friends and family from across the country. Congrats to Antwuan Steele and Jazzelle Barbie Royale on your wins! Wait until you hear this lady SING! Congrats to Jim Flint on a wonderful event and to Tiffany and Mykul on a great year.

We are looking for great promoters and contestants for the USofA system! If you are interested in promoting or competing, I am always here to help in any way! Don’t forget there are some great prelims coming up soon to qualify for Miss Gay USofA!

Wisconsin – October 23rd & 23rd

Illinois – November 12th

Fire & Ice – December 4th

Lonestar – January 9th

Colorado January 20th-21st

California – January 27th

Arkansas – January 28th

I will add dates as they become available! I look forward to seeing everyone in Memphis for Miss Gay America to honor my USofA sister Asia O’Hara. I will also see everyone in Dallas for Mr. Gay USofA October 20 th at The Round-Up honoring Michael LaMasters. Kane Connors will also be giving up his title of Mr. Gay USofA at Large on October 17th, congrats on a great year I’m sorry we didn’t have more time together!

USofAurora is coming to MOOVZ soon so keep your eyes out for the first episode! The hashtag is now live. If anyone has pictures from prelims this year please download the MOOVZ app and upload them with the hashtag #USofAurora to join the photo carousel, the conversation and one of the biggest LGBTQ communities in the world!

To close out this month’s article I leave you with a challenge. This election has been an insane roller coaster and the stakes have never been higher. It’s important now more than ever to pay attention, get involved and exercise your right as an American to vote.

My challenge to you is this. The President is not the only people we vote for in this election. We also vote for local leaders, Congressman and Senators. The people who direct local law and policy. Pick one that represents your interests and help them win. Campaign for them. Join a cause or organization you believe in. Share their message with your friends and neighbors. Your voice matters, this is the time to use it!


Aurora Sexton

Miss Gay USofA

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