Miss Gay USofA National Pageant 2019

May 2019

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Miss Gay USofA Classic National Pageant

May 2019

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The ever so beautiful, Chelsea Pearl, Miss Gay USofA At Large 1995 and Miss Gay USofA Classic 2006, hits shines “bright” on final night of Miss Gay USofA 2019 in Dallas, Texas! We were honored to have Chelsea in the building and to be on the judges panel this year.
Preview of Kennedy Davenport, Miss Gay USofA 2019, in talent competition. Be sure to check out the website at www.usofa.org to find out about ordering DVD’s.

Wow what can I say? A dream…a destiny fulfilled! Words cannot express the joy inside of me at this moment! This honor has been a long time coming, but some things are worth the wait. This was my 4th attempt at Miss Gay USofA, so determination and perseverance sure did come into play.

My journey to the crown was not easy; from work slowing all the way down, to no work at all, but I stayed focused, and kept the faith. After sitting out 2018, by the time 2019 rolled around, I knew I could not sit out another year, so I was determined to compete no matter what.  I won my preliminary early in January, but I was already preparing for nationals. I got my ticket, and continued to work, getting things done little by little; in addition, to managing a household, and traveling for work and scheduled dance rehearsals – determined, I was!

The most blessed part about this whole journey is that I had the help of my biological family. Everyone was doing something. Everyone was so passionate about helping me conquer my dream…from my dancers, to my mother cooking dinner for everyone. Stars were in alignment, and favor was and still is my friend. You could feel the energy and spirit of the USofA Legacy all over me. All I needed to do was just walk into it, and that’s exactly what I did. 

Being crowned was one of the happiest moments of my life. I cried like a baby. Everyone who truly believes in me and loves me was there to witness. I did everything I set out to do, and was victorious! That is a beautiful feeling! I couldn’t be more grateful to have this title in front of my name. I wear her with pride, and I can’t wait to travel the country as Miss Gay USofA 2019.

I encourage you all to never give up on your dreams, your goals, or your purpose. You may have to make some adjustments along the way, re-route some things, take a step back, or 3…but stay focused on the end result. Take your time, and do not rush it.  The fight is worth it if the outcome is victory. Learn from everything that God allows you to experience, and I promise you will be better than you were yesterday.

I love you all so much! Thank you for believing in me and loving me unconditionally!
Be you & stay true.
Love is eternal. 

Miss Gay USofA 2019
Dancing Diva of Texas,
Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy Davenport, Miss Gay USofA 2019, addresses the fans/family after winning Miss Gay USofA 2019 in Dallas, Texas on May 24th, 2019.

Wow… I am still in shock, so excited, humble and looking forward to an incredible year of collaboration and relationship building.  To say I am blessed is an understatement because I didn’t arrive to this point on my own — none of us do.  Winning is a true collaboration of talented individuals who believe in you enough to put their name on things you present to a group of individuals we call adjudicators or judges.  There is only one “first-place” in a group of dedicated contestants but though cliché, we are all winners. 

For those that aren’t familiar with Stacey, I’m an old school girl, who in 1996 was crowned (by Chelsea Pearl) Miss Gay USA at Large.  Yes, I was around years before the “of” had to be inserted…. To make it USofA, but that is a whole other story and we can thank Donald Trump and the Miss USA/Universe Organization for that…(yes, really!).   In 1996, there were no cellphones, or many computers, let alone the internet, but winning in 1996 was amazing.  Ironically, on May 20th when they called out my name, I relived that same feelings and emotions and that fascinates me.  That confirms that my passion and love for this art form is deeply embedded within my soul.  I absolutely love drag…… all kinds!

I am a boy.  At one time, an ashamed, embarrassed boy.  Because of drag, I learned to love myself and to have confidence.  Don’t get me wrong…  I have always been the kinda smart kiddo, but that confidence extended through Stacey and fully developed in Chad.  (oh, I’m Chad BTW…. Hi!)  I know, I know…my story might be your story and I am proud to have had the same experience as many do.  It is kind of a blessing in disguise, and I get to be pretty, too!

As far as Chad goes, “good to meet you!”  I am a 51 year old Virgo.  My birthday is August 31st.  I have been with my partner, Edward, for almost 17 years.  I have taught high school for 29 years, with the last 5 being in an amazing position as a high school counselor.    I love it!  My day job is so rewarding!  My partner and I own one of the most awarded wedding cake companies in Dallas, www.thecakeguys.com.  I am also “CHAD” from Season 2 of the TLC reality TV show The Next Great Baker!   See, I told ya I am blessed!  Oh and I have six fur babies at home and they are a big part of our lives!  Cha-cha (16), Oscar (7), Bernie (4), Molly (3), Baxter (5) and Marley (2)….and yes, they are super spoiled!!

I must tell you, I am pretty informal, down-to-earth kinda girl…. and love to ke-ke with the girls, boys, promoters, friends and even foes (LOL).  I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I am so honored to be privileged enough to contribute this welcome letter.

We are gonna have a GREAT year.  Make lots of friendships and sisterhoods and collaborate on some really special times. I look forward to getting to know you and celebrating this amazing art form with each of you.

One thing you will hear from me are what I call me “3-P’s”…   Passion, Pride and Priority. …it’s something I preach to my students.  You will find I am a PASSIONate guy, who takes PRIDE in all I do and I proudly make my PASSIONS my PRIORITY!  So get ready USofA, I commit my Passion and Pride and it will be my Priority!!

Just know, I appreciate you and look forward to incredible months ahead!

Love you all!
Miss Gay USofA Classic

Hello again, and Praise the Lord! This month was full of complete joy! I started off in Wichita, K.N. for Miss Gay Heartland USofA at Large, where Lindsay Paige was crowned! I had a wonderful time with Miss Rhonda and Jerry! Adina Ronet was so hospitable towards me by welcoming me to her spa for a treatment before I left, and my skin has never felt better!!! My sister Keyona even drove up to surprise me there. It was WONDERFUL!

Next, I attended the annual Miss Gay USofA / Miss Gay USofA Classic in Dallas TX where we welcomed to the family former Miss Gay USofA At Large Stacey Holiday, and graciously welcomed Kennedy Davenport to the USofA family. The entire week was an amazing experience.  I am so grateful to have shared the last week and year with Tasha Long and Janet Andrews! I’m going to miss you ladies, and congrats on a beautiful step down to you both!!! It was great to bond with the entire family for a whole week!

Right after, I flew to Las Vegas, N.V. for Miss Gay Sin City USofA At Large where Desree D St James was crowned! Mike Tafoya and Kane Conners put on an amazing pageant with 4 fabulous contestants! Talent was SICKENING! I also got an opportunity to show my grandmother the pageant side of my life, which was momentous for me. I’m so grateful to be living this life! 

Next up, we have Miss Gay Southern States, Oklahoma, and Nebraska USofA At Large coming at you! You can also catch me Hosting the Mr Gay G.A. USofA/At Large in Atlanta, G.A. I hope to see you all in one of the many cities I’ll be traveling to. 

Til next time,
Have a Good Gospel Month

Happy Pride month everyone!! This month is about celebrating the things in life that make us all special, but at the same time bring us together as members of an extremely eclectic and diverse community. So, while you are out at your respective pride festivals, I ask that you remember the reason we celebrate and remembers those that have worked so hard that may not be with us anymore to allow us to have pride festivities.

May was a never ending whirlwind and by far my busiest month this year. I’d like to congratulate Stacey Holiday on capturing the title of Miss Gay USofA Classic and rejoining the USofA family once again. Also Congratulations to our new Miss Gay USofA, the always stunning Kennedy Davenport. Both of you did a truly wonderful job and are amazing additions to the USofA legacy. I can’t wait to learn from you both.

With “June busting out all over” it brings a conclusion to the remainder of my prelims. Miss Gay Arizona USofA Newcomer, June 2nd, Miss Gay Shining Star USofA Newcomer, June 16th, and Miss Gay Nebraska USofA Newcomer, June 23rd. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was boarding the plane for Illinois and terrified, not knowing what to expect at a prelim, and now after having 20 prelims, with still 3 more, it’s almost surreal.

As the prelims come to an end, that means it is time to focus on nationals, August 5th-8th at the Round Up Saloon in Dallas, TX. The theme this year for the 10th anniversary will be Under the Sea, and we hope to see all the contestants in their aquatic flare. We also encourage audience members and attendees to join in on the fun and wear blues, greens, and sparkly things to add to the ambiance.
I hope you all enjoy the many festivities this month and have a splashing summer!

Find your #HappilyEvaAfter
Eva DeLeon
Miss Gay USofA Newcomer   

Hello to everyone!  This past month, I had some great preliminaries starting off with Mr. Gay Iowa USofA.  Congratulations to the winner, Steven-Anthony Shakes Tony Pier, and 1st alternate, Talon Nick Jansen.  We also had Mr. Gay South Central USofA this month where we sashed Seth Knowles and 1st alternate De’Qualyn Prince Davenport.  I also had the privilege of sashing two individuals to represent Mr. Gay Sin City USofA this last week in Las Vegas!  Congratulations to Ricky Ricardo Ross, Mr. Gay Sin City USofA, and 1st Alternate, Cesar Aiden Brooklyn!  Also, this last week we had the national pageants of Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic.  I have to say this was a great experience and I had the opportunity to meet new friends, and I had the privilege of getting to know some of the promoters better and created better communication and relationships between us.  Mr. Jerry Bird, thank you so much for allowing me to perform every night.  I was really excited when I was asked to perform at Miss Gay USofA final night at the South Side Ballroom – it was truly like performing in a concert like venue!  To my Queens, Janet Fierce-Andrews and Tasha Long, it was incredible to reign together.  Love you both and congratulations on everything!  To our new queens, Kennedy Davenport, Miss Gay USofA, and Stacey Holliday, Miss Gay USofA Classic, congratulations!  I look forward to working with both of you throughout the upcoming year, and I look forward to creating new memories.  It was incredible to see you girls, and all of the others, compete this last week!

Until next month!
Love, always!

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to “Keeping it Sweet with Shugah” Volume 7 – The Balance.

I wanted to reflect on balance because, as a king, you have to make sure you plan out everything that is coming your way.  I just had a long week of traveling for Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic, as well as my second preliminary of the Mr. USofA At Large season, as well as my give-up, at Mr. Sin City USofA At Large.  So, as I think about it, I feel really great about how I handled this full week!  Nationals for Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic was truly amazing! The amount of love and support I received was so fulfilling!  I wanted to say congratulations to Stacey Holliday, the newly crowned Miss Gay USofA Classic, and to Kennedy Davenport, the newly crowned Miss Gay USofA!  Welcome to the family, ladies, and let’s make this year the most incredible one, yet!

To my forever queens, Tasha Long and Janet Andrews, I truly love you both and thank you for an amazing time!  Hitting the stage at the Rose Room was something I have dreamed about for a very long time, so I was excited, and humbled, to have my dream become a reality – to see my picture on the screen behind me, while performing, let me know that I AM FINALLY HERE!

So, from Dallas to Vegas, my second preliminary and give-up was one moment, in my life, I will never forget!  Thank you to my cousin, Ade Tajoure, former Mr. Gay USofA At Large!  You really made my opening for my give-up really come to life.  Never, for one second, did you leave my side!  Thank you so much!  To my promoters Mie and Kane, thank you for treating me like a king!  I am so very lucky to have you guys and I know I will continue to have you throughout my journey!  This past weekend had so many wonderful surprises, for example, people I haven’t seen in years! So, thank you so much, for surprising me! 

With a week long of traveling, I proved to myself I can truly balance it all!  So, I look forward to my next time of travel.  It was a feeling I will remember for the rest of my life!  Next up, my prelims to Mr. Gay USofA At Large are Mr. Gay New Mexico at Large on June 15th and Mr. Gay Georgia USofA At Large on June 24th!  I hope to see everyone out supporting the vying contestants, myself, and the preliminaries!

So, until next time, remember to keep it sweet and always smile!

Ry’Yon ‘Shugahbear’ Tajoure
Mr. Gay USofA At Large 2018
King X

Wow, what a Riot of a week!

This month brought me the opportunity to experience USofA Week for the first time and boy, was it everything people said it was and more. I got to meet so many iconic performers and watch them perform which was a real honor, and I got to meet the reigning court members of all the other USofA divisions. I was an absolutely crazy week!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Tasha Long and Janet Andrews on a beautiful step down and a successful reign. I would also like to congratulate Stacey Holliday, your newly crowned Miss Gay USofA Classic 2019, and Kennedy Davenport, your Miss Gay USofA 2019, on their win. Wonderful job ladies, I can not wait to have a wonderful year with you both!

Secondly, I would like to thank our Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Eva DeLeon, and her promoter as well as Mr. Gay USofA at Large and Mr. Gay USofA, Ry’Yon Tajoure and Angel, and their promoters for being so welcoming all week. I got to spend some quality time with them all and loved every second of it. You are all incredible and I loved seeing you on stage and talking to you off. I can not wait to see you all again and attend your step downs!

We got to meet so many new people and new promoters this month and we can not wait to share all the prelims as they start popping up. We hope to have more information that we can share by next month with y’all! Please stay tuned as our adventures continue!

Until next month!!

Dustin Riot
Mister USofA MI 2019

Dustin Riot, Mister USofA MI, performing at one of the preliminary nights at Miss Gay USofA 2019!

Wow! What an incredible experience USofA week was! I am still blown away by all the amazing talent that hit the stage, from both the Classic and Miss contestants. From elaborate production numbers, to heartfelt solo talents, every queen left her mark, and I really hope to see those who didn’t take the crown this year, back in the future.

I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Tasha Long and Janet Fierce Andrews on your fantastic reigns! It was an absolute pleasure sharing a stage with both of these incredible queens, and I hope it won’t be the last time I get to do so. And, of course, congratulations to the newest members of the USofA court, Miss Gay USofA Classic 2019 Stacey Holliday, and Miss Gay USofA 2019 Kennedy Davenport! I can’t wait to see what you do with your reigns!

My week in Dallas gave me the opportunity to talk to so many people and make so many connections. Many of the folks I spoke to I had been connected with on social media, but had never spoken to in person. Some I knew by reputation only, so it was wonderful to finally meet the people I’d heard so much about throughout my drag career. To have shared a stage with legends like Tommie Ross, Chelsea Pearl, Mokha Montrese, and Roxie Hart was definitely a highlight. These are some of the queens that have helped pave the way for today’s entertainers, and if you ever have the opportunity to chat with any of them, I highly recommend it!

It was such a pleasure to meet the rest of the USofA court, as well; Mister Gay USofA At Large RyYon Tajoure, Mister Gay USofA Angel, and Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Eva DeLeon. I know I immediately felt like family, which just made the week that much better! Special shout out to Eva, who was always there at the end of the night, making sure Dustin and I had a ride back to the hotel, and who made sure we had some of the best damn tacos ever!

An event as big as USofA week can be daunting to even the most seasoned of performers, but everyone in Dallas was so hospitable, and so kind, and did everything they could to make sure we were comfortable. Plus, it was great to see so many familiar faces throughout the week. We had a few folks from the USofA MI, MI Classic, and Diva divisions there at one point or another, so I loved being able to squeeze folks I hadn’t seen since March, or longer (*cough*Brandi Amara Skyy*cough*).

On the business side of things, we’re working diligently to get plenty of prelims in the books for our MI, MI Classic, and Diva contestants. Since the last issue, Oklahoma decided to go to a triple crowning, and will now be open to Divas as well! (Promoters Justyn and Londenn were both in attendance at USofA week!) As more prelims and dates get confirmed, we will be getting that information out as quickly as we can.

In closing, as tired as I am after a whirlwind week in Dallas, I know it was an experience like none other, and one that I’m not likely to forget any time soon (I mean, I AM Classic, so the possibility of my forgetting is totally a thing…). If this week has taught me nothing else, it’s to appreciate the folks behind the scenes, especially at an event like this. Jenna Skyy, and Christian kept everyone in line all week, Darryl Neumann sat backstage and worked the curtain at The Rose Room until Friday night, and the whole host of others who worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly. They are the real superheroes. So remember to thank your stage managers, your pageant producers, your stage pups/kittens, your dressers, your promoters, all those folks who help you get it together. We’d all be a hot mess without them!

I hope we represented well and made you all proud! Now, more than ever, I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing family.

Now to unpack, and repack for the next two weekends in Albuquerque! I am a Classic on the move, though I need to make sure I don’t move too quickly or I’m liable to hurt myself. It’s also time for my Classic nap.

Classically yours,

From the time the crown was placed on my head I was told to begin to prepare for Miss Gay USofA. I needed promotional photos, jaw dropping shows, beautiful gowns, and daily looks to properly represent the USofA Diva title. I’m a firm believer in first impressions being lasting. I began to prepare as if I was competing for USofA Diva Nationals again.

3, 2, 1, SHOOT:  I’ve done several photo shoots in the past; however, this shoot was different. It was my very first promotional photo shoot as the newly crowned Miss USofA Diva 2019. My experience shooting with Tio’s was amazing. As soon as I walked on set, I felt comfortable. We captured some classic looks to jumpstart a visual to my reign.

SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP:  With my drag closet from my mentor and drag sister, I still needed several items. Gowns, tip outfits, jewelry and show costumes that would read well on such a large performance platform. I began ordering costumes all while stoning and embellishing dance costumes which became a daily duty for me. Also, shopping on drag swap groups and patronizing local designers in Dallas I was able to make several lasting connections. I still needed items so I created a promo ad for apparel and hair sponsors. The response was overwhelming. R.E.A.L Hair Enterprises sponsored amazing Virgin hair units. In addition to a 5-star hair company, A Friends Closet boutique, Dime Tyme Boutique, and 10 Hours of fashion boutique kept me looking classy, stylish, and event appropriate.  It is so important to support small businesses!

The anticipation leading up to Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic had me on pins and needles. I had the awesome opportunity of choreographing the incomparable Tasha Long’s final night opening. The classic contestants were nothing short of amazing. The variety in the talents and the elegance shown in gown was so entertaining. Following classic, the pageant week shifted gears and it was time for a new Miss Gay USofA to be crowned! The contestants, respectfully, battled it out every night of prelims. Final night was a surreal moment!  When I was crowned, I always wanted to reign with the person who worked to help me achieve my USofA Diva goal all while working on her own pageant package. Watching my mentor and sister achieve her ultimate pageant goal, being crowned Miss Gay USofA, brought so much joy to my heart. I was, and am, extremely proud. Knowing a person for years, you get to celebrate the highs and the lows of life.  Standing on the stage, in that moment, I began to cry tears of joy. It is truly amazing to have the opportunity to reign with not only my sister, Kennedy, but also my eldest sister, Stacey Holliday.  And, to reign with my niece Shavonna is just the icing on the cake!  The Davenport Dynasty is in full effect. I’m looking forward to reigning with such an esteemed court. This year, the divisions will work closely to cross promote, and bring unity to all divisions under the USofA Brand #unity

Respectfully submitted,
Glam Davenport
Miss USofA Diva 2019

Greetings, USofA Family –

My name is Chris Culver and I am excited to join the USofA family as the official newsletter editor for the company.  I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I currently live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with my partner, a former Mr. Gay Oklahoma USofA and Roxie Hart’s dance partner, Kelly ‘Keliente’ Forbes! We are avid world travelers including spending a year living and teaching abroad in Bangkok, Thailand.  I am a former high school English teacher, and a current administrator for a school district within Oklahoma City and love working with under privileged students/families and serving them in a variety of capacities.  This last month, in May, I completed my Master’s Degree in School Administration from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and passed my principal certification exams that certifies me as a PK-12 principal for the State of Oklahoma.  When I am not at work, I am volunteering, relaxing, traveling, playing with our dogs, or enjoying time with my family!

I have always loved the art of female impersonation and loved the world of pageantry.  I have attended countless city, state, and regional preliminaries and several national pageants/contests.  I have judged several preliminaries for the USofA system within the State of Oklahoma and other pageant systems, too.  I started out in the world of drag/pageantry by assisting Roxie Hart, former Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic, prepare for pageants with media assistance, video editing, and even dressing her at several prelims and national pageants.  I have also worked, for several years, as the Social Media Director for Miss Gay Fire and Ice USofA under Vanity Storm and The Dragon Lady, and worked as the backstage manager for Miss Gay Southernmost USofA under Mr. Leslie Steele!  In recent months, I have recently joined the USofA at Large staff as the official Pageant Administrator for the national pageant that happens each September, and now, I have joined the USofA family as the Newsletter Editor and I couldn’t be more excited.

I am always accessible if you have a question or even a recommendation!  I am looking at innovative ways to bring the newsletter to the 21st century and leverage more technology and social media platforms, so if you have ideas please share them!  Together, we are a family and a team, so I cannot wait to collaborate with each of you and to share the passion of pageantry and USofA as we embark on this new journey together.  I look forward to meeting so many of you in the coming days, months, and years, and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!

With sincere gratitude and enthusiasm,
Chris Culver

June 2nd, 2019 – Miss Gay Arizona USofA Newcomer 2019
June 12th – 14th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Texas USofA 2019
June 16th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Mid-West States USofA 2019
June 23rd, 2019 – Miss Gay Nebraska USofA at Large 2019
June 23rd, 2019 -Miss Gay Nebraska USofA Newcomer 2019
June 24th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Georgia USofA and
June 24th, 2019 -Mr. Gay Georgia USofA At Large 2019
July 16th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Texas USofA At Large 2019
July 17th – 19th, 2019 – Miss Gay Texas USofA Large 2019
July 27th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Wisconsin USofA 2019
July 27th, 2019 -Mr. Gay USofA At Large 2019
July 28th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Wisconsin Elite USofA 2019
August 5th – 8th, 2019 – Miss Gay USofA Newcomer 2019
August 20th – 23rd, 2019 – Miss Gay Texas USofA 2020
August 23rd – 24th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Missouri USofA 2019 
August 23rd – 24th, 2019 – Mr. Gay Missouri USofA At Large 2019