USofA Pageants, LLC. extends its deepest regards to everyone in this time of global crisis. It is our hope that we all can actually avoid coming together physically, but instead, emotionally unite and make our way through this pandemic, healthy and safe…and together.

We look forward to coming out of this difficult and isolating time to resume a life, though likely changed somewhat, but nevertheless, a life that we recognize with renewed strength and conviction. As a nation, we have work to do and USofA Pageants, LLC. encourages you to continue your efforts to make your voice heard…and challenges you to motivate those around you to do the same. We must all vote. We must all be active. We must all demand excellence from each other and our nation. And in doing so, we hope you’ll come out of this experience with an even greater hunger to chase your ambitions. 

We’ve given considerable thought to the timeline for Miss Gay USofA Classic and Miss Gay USofA 2020 being mindful of the economic setbacks we all are facing currently and wanted to afford everyone time to recover and time to make arrangements. Miss Gay USofA Classic and Miss Gay USofA has been cancelled as a result of the pandemic. The dates for Miss Gay USofA Classic and Miss Gay USofA 2021 will be May 23-28, 2021.  The venues and schedule of the week remain the same as in the past. 

Those that have purchased tickets for Miss Gay USofA 2020 Final Night, your seats will be reserved for Miss Gay USofA 2021 Final Night and the tickets will be available for pick-up at the front door of Station 4, May 23-27, 2021 and at the front door at the Southside Ballroom on My 28, 2021. Should you have any questions, please email

Contestants that have qualified for Miss Gay USofA Classic 2020 or Miss Gay USofA 2020 will now be competing at Miss Gay USofA Classic 2021 or Miss Gay USofA 2021, please begin looking at these dates and coordinating with your teams, and adjusting your travel plans. Our intention is to allow sufficient time for you to prepare for the national pageant. 

Promoters needing to reschedule your prelims, please stay in touch with the national office. We hope with this extension that you may be able to reschedule your contests that have recently been pulled from the calendar.  

We will support your efforts as well during this transition. Looking ahead, USofA Pageants, LLC. will remain vigilant in our efforts to create a competitive and diverse platform for entertainers, artists, and promoters to elevate pageantry, and we will continue doing so with all of you in mind. Our thoughts are with all of you during these difficult times.