Miss Gay USofA 2020 & Miss Gay USofA Classic 2020 has been postponed.

Since the first Miss Gay USofA pageant in the late 1980s, USofA Pageants, LLC has always placed a priority on the well-being of our entertainers, contestants, promoters, supporters, and fans by making allowances when their well-being prevents them from attending the national pageant.

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely. After extensive and careful deliberations, we have decided to postpone both the Miss Gay USofA 2020 and Miss Gay USofA Classic 2020 national pageants that were scheduled to be held in May 2020. We do not make this decision lightly and are aware that it may cause some hardships on our entertainers, contestants, promoters, supporters, and fans.
However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to put the well-being of everyone involved before the selection of our new titleholders.

We are consulting with our host hotel, Station 4, and the Southside Ballroom to determine options for when we can reschedule the national pageant(s). Numerous events have been postponed and all are trying to reschedule, so we are asking for everyone’s patience while we determine when we can hold our events.

We wish that the postponement of our national pageants was not necessary, however, the well-being of everyone involved in our pageants is of our highest concern.

Jerry Bird

What does this mean to you?

I am an entertainer who was supposed to perform this year.
If you are an entertainer who was scheduled to perform at the pageant(s), we will be in contact
with you to discuss rescheduling when the national pageant(s) have been rescheduled.

I qualified for the national pageant, what do I do now?
If you are a contestant who has qualified to attend the pageant(s), please continue to prepare for
the national pageant when it is scheduled.

I already purchased my tickets for final night of Miss Gay USofA 2020.
The USofA Pageants, LLC national office will be contacting you by phone as soon as the
pageant is rescheduled to discuss your ticket purchase with you.

I am a promoter who has not held my pageant or my pageant has been postponed.
Please work with your venue to determine if your pageant can be held at a later time. As long as
your pageant is held prior to the national pageant(s), your contestants will be able to attend the
national pageant(s).

I am a promoter who has already held my pageant.
Please make sure your qualified contestants are aware of the postponement and work with them
to ensure they are ready for the national competition when it is rescheduled.

I have purchased my airline tickets already.
Please contact the airline directly to see about rescheduling your flight. Many airlines are
allowing rescheduling options. For example, Southwest Airlines will allow you to use the funds
used to pay for the ticket for another flight for up to 12 months from the date of original