Interview Group One – Nina DiAngelo & Adria Andrews

Interview Group Two – Aubrey Synclaire

Interview Group Three – Kennedy Davenport

Interview Group Four – Roxie Hart

Interview Group Five – Vidalia Anne Gentry

Interview Group Six – Ariel Nicole Knight Addams & Veroncia Duvall

Evening Gown Group One – Nina DiAngelo

Evening Gown Group Two – Aariyah Sinclaire

Evening Gown Group Three – Amanda Nicole

Evening Gown Group Four – Roxie Hart

Evening Gown Group Five – Porsche Paris

Evening Gown Group Six – Ariel Nicole Knight Addams

Talent Group One – Nina DiAngelo

Talent Group Two – Aariyah Sinclaire

Talent Group Three – Amanda Nicole

Talent Group Four – Ka’Aliyah McKim Diamond

Talent Group Five – Porsche Paris

Talent Group Six – Ariel Knight Addams

Businessman of the Year – Craig Henderson

Promoter of the Year – Fire & Ice

Distinguished Service – Jeremy Burnette

Preliminary of the Year – Iowa

Best State Pageant – Texas

Best State Promoter – Louisiana

Best Regional Pageant – Fire & Ice

Best Regional Promoter – David Bridgman

Hospitality Award – Oklahoma

Best Preliminary Set Design – Wisconsin

Best Promoter Production – Iowa