Nancy Taylor Miss Gay USofA Classic 2016
Nancy Taylor
Miss Gay USofA Classic 2016

Hello everyone!! This was a busy month with many events taking place. During the beginning of September, I was part of a benefit show organized for one of my dearest friends.

I was so happy and honored to participate. Later, I had the chance to be a judge on Dessie’s Drag Race. This gave me the opportunity to encourage our new talent to fight for their dreams no matter how hard or far they may seem and to believe that we set our own limits to success.

I was also able to judge another amateur show “So You Think You Can Drag” again, which is a platform for up and coming entertainers and a great way to prepare for the world of pageantry.

In the middle of September, I was invited to be part of the Miss Utopia Pageant in Houston. It was truly an honor to be part of a great event and represent USofA. I also had the chance to catch up with Teryl Lynn Foxx, Miss Continental Elite. We had such a great time!

We are working on organizing a fundraiser for the Children’s HIV Foundation. The details are to be determined, but I will release them as soon as they’re available. I would truly appreciate your participation and support so that we can strengthen the LGBTQ community here and everywhere.

My September itinerary also included Columbus, Ohio for the Miss Gay USofA at Large pageant. I was filled with excitement to visit a new town and be able to catch up with old friends and make new ones! I was welcomed with open arms, so I do appreciate the hospitality from everyone, including the bar staff and management.

The formers were great and sweet to me, as well. They gave me great advice, so I appreciate all you ladies! I also got to talk to promoters for the Classic division and I hear that many contestants are looking forward to entering the completion. I am dedicated to creating new prelims, so I will keep you posted as more unfolds.

I would like to congratulate Ka’aliyah McKim Diamond on an excellent reign. You are fabulous! I have never met someone so hard working, kind and most of all, sweet and down to earth. I know that we will see her doing more great things in the future. We love you lady.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Sasha Lauren on competing for and capturing the crown of Miss Gay USofA at Large. Welcome to the family, Sis. I want to applaud all the ladies that came out and competed this year. Being a judge for this completion is never an easy task because of your hard work, passion and dedication to the art.

Some of my upcoming events include:

Mr. Gay USofA & Mr. Gay USofA At Large, October 17-20, Round-Up Saloon – Dallas, TX

Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA Classic, November 20, 2016

Miss Gay Lonestar USofA & Miss Gay Lonestar USofA Newcomer, January 9, 2017

Miss Gay California USofA Classic, January 27, 2017

Miss Gay Arkansas USofA Classic, January 28, 2017

Please don’t forget to visit my Facebook page, where I will be posting more details especially on the Classic division. If you have any questions or need any help, please message me. And remember, if you don’t fight for your dreams, no one will! Much love and respect!

Nancy Taylor

Miss Gay USofA Classic