Nancy Taylor
Nancy Taylor

Greetings everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are in the holi- day season and I’m so excited. As you know pageants are slow this time of the year for pageants. I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

To my classic ladies – may one of your New Year’s resolutions be to be Miss Gay USofA Classic 2017!

We had our first preliminary in Milwaukee, WI at La Cage night- club which was a beautiful venue. With a fabulous contestant and amazing line up of entertainers, at the end of the night we celebrated the winner Dee Richards – Miss Gay Wisconsin USofA Classic. I am sure she would be a great contestant for Miss Gay USofA Clas- sic with her fabulous promoters behind her 100%.

In our culture, we too often hear that big names are planning to compete. I don’t think this should stop anyone from competing. Ladies, PLEASE don’t listen to this because to be the best you must compete against the best.

Remember that as an artist we must INVEST and to invest we must plan and to plan we must dream and to dream we must be in inspired. We need to remember a value in our lives and it’s from there that you can inspire and that’s the ultimate return to be Miss Gay USofA Classic.

I was able to put a Fundraiser together for children living with HIV. We had a great line up of entertainers who came together to make a difference. And we did just that! We raised $950.00. It was donated to the House of Hope, which is an organization in Houston, TX for children living with HIV. I was so happy that we did it together!

Thank you everyone for your love and support! Until next time!!

Always yours,

Nancy Taylor

Miss Gay USofA Classic


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