Kane Connors Mr Gay USofA At Large 2015
Kane Connors
Mr Gay USofA At Large 2015

Well this is it!!! This is the last article for me for Integrity. I must say that I have had a blast writing all year about myself and my adventures of being Mr. Gay USofA at Large. This is a bitter sweet article for me but like everything in life, things must come to an end. I have had the pleasure of being in this position and I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

First, I would like to thank my family and friends for all their support during this year. If it wasn’t for them pushing me the last seven years of me competing I wouldn’t be here. I also want to thank Jerry Bird and Craig Henderson for their vision for the USofA system and allowing male leads to be on national stages as national titleholders. This couldn’t be possible without you two. Thank you. I also want to thank the promoters for the Mr. Gay USofA at Large division and their hard work in putting together great contests for guys to compete in. Promoters are the core of the USofA system and without you guys there would be no USofA system. I hope you all know how important you are to me and I love you guys very much.

I would also like to thank my dream team that was with me from the very beginning of the year from my city prelim to the state contest and then on to the national contest. Charles, Oscar, and Mike, you guys have been with me all year and part of last year as well. Even though we were a small team we got the job done! I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world and I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thank you for believing in my dream just as much as I did.

Lastly, and not least, I want to thank the contestants who are competing this year to be the next Mr. Gay USofA at Large. I know the journey it takes to become a national symbol of excellence and I know it’s not easy. I want you guys to remember that the road to your dreams doesn’t come with a golden paved road but with bumps and hills to climb. Even though the road can be rocky, keep on the path because at the end comes a great treasure that will change your life. I wish all of you gentleman the best of luck and much success for your future. Thank you for sharing in my awesome year and I love you guys very much. We are brothers!

Now that the end of my year is done I want all of you out there in USofA land to know that this has been the most exciting year of my life. I had some ups and downs this year but reigning as Mr. Gay USofA at Large has been the highlight. I want you all to keep your friends and family close and keep God always in your heart. I wish you all blessings and I will see you sooner than later!

Kane Connors

Mr. Gay USofA at Large