The October 2016 edition of the Integrity Newsletter has been released. The printable version can be found by clicking here.

Aurora Sexton Miss Gay USofA 2016

USofAurora – October Edition

Summer is officially over and now it’s time for one of my favorite seasons Autumn! Boots and scarves, boys in sweatpants, pumpkin spice hysteria and haunted houses everywhere! My favorite childhood memories were often around Halloween, that one magic night where anything can happen. I want to start by saying, …
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Nancy Taylor Miss Gay USofA Classic 2016

Love, Kindness and Tolerance – October Edition

Hello everyone!! This was a busy month with many events taking place. During the beginning of September, I was part of a benefit show organized for one of my dearest friends. I was so happy and honored to participate. Later, I had the chance to be a judge on Dessie’s …
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Sasha Lauren Miss Gay USofA At Large 2016

Beading with Ms. Lauren – October Edition

Wow! How do I even start something I had always dreamed about. I still cannot believe I have accomplished this dream. I am still in la la land. From being announced on RuPaul’s Drag Race to becoming Miss Gay USofA at Large 2016. I must say it has been an …
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Vanity St. James Miss Gay USofA Newcomer 2016

Vanity’s Fair – October Edition

Hello beautiful people of the USofA! I actually had a very easy, stress-free September. I did have the honor and privilege of welcoming the newest member to the USofA Court, Miss Gay USofA at Large 2016, Sasha Lauren. She exuded an amazing aura all week and I could not be …
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Michael LaMasters Mr Gay USofA 2015

Mastas Minute – October Edition

This is my final USofA Integrity Newsletter column. I’m sitting on an airplane trying not to cry my eyes out in front a random group of strangers. I have so much I feel like I want to say and share with you all and I am finding myself in a …
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Kane Connors Mr Gay USofA At Large 2015

Kane’s Corner – October Edition

Well this is it!!! This is the last article for me for Integrity. I must say that I have had a blast writing all year about myself and my adventures of being Mr. Gay USofA at Large. This is a bitter sweet article for me but like everything in life, …
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