Mister USofA MI Classic 2022 Final Night Ticket

Mister USofA MI Classic Final Night will be held on April  10, 2022 at the Discovery Bar in Little Rock, Arkansas. The address for the Discovery Bar is 1021 Jessie Rd, Little Rock, Arkansas. Doors at the venue will open at 7 pm. ALL TICKETS WILL BE PICKED UP AT THE FRONT DOOR.  

Criminal convictions, parole, probation, and sex offender registry

USofA Pageants LLC has always focused on helping our people personally and professionally develop themselves and those around them. We pride ourselves on our people-first approach because without the people in our industry — promoters, contestants, entertainers, and fans — we would not be able to produce pageants and contests. We firmly believe that it […]

Mister USofA MI 2019 Contestants

Ken Dartanyan Mister USofA MI Classic 2018

Congratulations Ken Dartanyan on an incredible reign as Mister USofA MI Classic 2018!! Good luck to all the contestants competing for Mister USofA MI Classic 2019! #1 Zayne “The Dragon” RiAll #2 Randy D’hardness #3 Ian Syder-Blake #4 RC Mischief #5 Freddy Prinze Charming #6 Justin Case #7 Syr KamRon Dickerson #8 Stephan Storm

Mister USofA MI 2019, Mister USofA MI Classic 2019, & Miss USofA Diva 2019

Mister USofA MI 2019 Mister USofA Classic 2019 and Miss USofA Diva 2019 Poster

Nationals will be in March for Mister USofA MI 2019, Mister USofA MI Classic 2019, & Miss USofA Diva 2019 at Masque Nightclub in Dayton, Ohio!!! We are excited to announce the following schedule:Mister USofA MI Classic 2019– Thursday, March 28thMister USofA MI 2019 & Miss USofA Diva 2019– Prelim Night One – Friday, March […]